A Why for my MIA and info on follow up to The Wired Man

The short answer is an easy one.

I'm busy.

I know that sounds cliche but with working on a follow up to The Wired Man, taking care of 2 little humans, working on a technology overhaul at work, and still maintaining and a functioning and enjoyable marriage there isn't much time left for typing out my thoughts here for the 2 people that probably read this.

That being said I'm going to try and get a bit better. It's not going to be much but I will let slip that the follow up to The Wired Man will be a pseudo sequel.

Psuedo-sequel... what the hell is that you ask?

The best way I can describe it is lives in the same world and you may recognize some characters but is not hard coupled with The Wired Man. If you read The Wired Man you will have some interesting observations but it is not required reading to enjoy this book. I know this comes as a bit of a disappointment for those looking for closure to The Wired Man but rest assured that closure will come but not quite yet and might not take the form you were thinking.

So when can we expect the follow-up? Well, that's a bit tricky. I'm still exploring options for distribution and whether I'm going to try and pick up an agent this time around. I might shoot for the traditional publishing route, I might self-publish, I might go with a small publishing house like I did with The Wired Man. In summation, no route is currently off the table so it could be awhile until it sees publication but I am confident it will be published in some way, shape, or form.

I wish I could give more detail but it's just not there yet. I'll try and get better with publishing more blog posts and interacting a bit more. I promise I'll share more when the time comes and there may even be a self published novella in there if I get some time in 2017.

So in short: I'm not dead and if there is anyone reading this waiting for the sequel to The Wired Man then hold on a little bit longer. I can't promise that it will be worth the wait but I can promise that I've sunk my heart, soul, time, blood, and pretty much every ounce of pathetic talent I possess into this. I feel like it is head and shoulders above in quality than The Wired Man but I'll leave the judgement in the hands of those where it belongs, the readers.