Apple News + or how I stopped caring and learned to love things other than content aggregators

In an effort to stop reading random stranger's comments on the internet for entertainment I'm giving Apple News + a spin. Canceled my Audible membership due to a backlog of books that I have to listen to and going to see how this goes.


I feel like things like reddit and other content aggregators are great but are so biased that it makes it hard to get actual content. I get it, so and so is evil, or corporations are taking too much lake water, or Nestle is at it again selling arsenic laced chocolate to third world countries but my mental health can only take so much negativity and spite. So I'm cutting back.

I've already removed my facebook presence, deleted twitter, sterilized linkedin, and never joined instagram or snapchat. Getting away from reddit (for the most part just the popular section as there's a lot of niche subs I enjoy) is the next logical step. Not sure how it's going to go but I'll give you an update as to how Apple News + pans out once I use it a bit more.