The book that took forever is done

Okay so I'll admit it. This book has taken me forever and a day. I've stopped, started, given up, thrown away, and everything in between. The good news is that I'm done. That's right 7 people who actually care about this sort of thing. I'm done.

As with agile software development my definition of done is probably different than yours. No, I haven't put it on amazon. No, I haven't submitted it yet. No, you can't actually read it yet. To clarify, I'm done with the writing process. I've put everything I've got into this manuscript. I officially hate it. I'm done.

What's next? Well I intend to create a synopsis, blurb, etc... and submit it to some agents and publishing companies. I know. I'm a terrible person and should just release it right off. What have I got to lose you say?

Nothing. But I enjoy the exercise of giving it to professionals and semi-professionals first. I am not infallible. I make tons of mistakes. And worst of all I'm completely blind to all that.

That's not to say that I think my writing is the best. Actually it's the opposite. I think I write like trash. I need someone with experience to look at my manuscript, think that it would sell, then put work into getting into the hands of readers. Last time around that was the folks at KHP Books. This time? Who knows. Hopefully somebody but that's never a guarantee.

What will I do if nobody picks it up?

Besides get good and ripped on grain alcohol? Cry? Maybe apologize to my wife for having her read and critique it?

Then suck it up and put it out to the world. I have crappy photoshop skills and a lack of self respect. From my limited understanding of self publishing that's all it takes. If Chuck Tingle can do it, then I can too damn it. Though Chuck has more talent in his pinky finger than I do in my whole body.

So yes, you will see this book one way or another. Let's hope it's because some publisher or agent likes it. If not then let's ride this tank-job right to the finish line together 7 people. I'm counting on your sales to be able to buy myself a pack of gum. Maybe some Twizzlers.

Just kidding. Hate Twizzlers. They're gross.

Probably Skittles. Sour Skittles.