🎶 Silence in blaaaaaacckkkkk and whhhhhhiiiiittttteeeee 🎶

Today has been a long day at work and now I'm sitting here listening to 2000's emo music in the fading light. I wish I could say I had self esteem but the previous sentence says all that needs to be said about that.

Why you need to know this? It's essential to my personality or something. Gives you insight to my writing, how I make outlines, etc... I am an artist god damn it. This is important shit to know.

God I wish I was cool. Cool people don't listen to emo music in the dark. I'm working on a better beard and I've tried using more F-bombs on my blog but I'm not sure any of that is working.

Maybe I should start some borderline fraudulent books telling other writers how to write even though I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground. Or maybe ruin a storied franchise by writing shitty adaptations then blaming fans (I will need outside help on this one but I think I have the skill set to get it done). I bet I could probably even resurrect my twitter account and post a large vulgar rant that would get me fired from my job then claim I didn't care anyway. I could even start using the word aces. Like, I'm super dooper aces because I make money. Like, a bunch of it. Trust me.

Then I'd be cool.

Damn, I wish I was cool.