Soylent Experiment Follow Up

Alright, so I was good for the first couple of weeks before I stopped.

The reason?

Aside from lacking the will of the warrior, I really like socializing with people. I couldn't care less about the food itself, often times just copying what other people order to alleviate the decision, but talking with other people... That's something that I live for. That's something that Soylent can not facilitate. Like alcohol, Soylent is either consumed in a group, or alone in a dark corner. Drinking Soylent while other people eat feels awkward. Sure, you can do it (and I did) but it feels wrong. Here you are jabbering away, dominating the conversation while other people munch on delicious food so to try and make up for your lack of delicious food you talk more.

It's a vicious cycle.

So where do I go from here? Well, I still have 3 bottles of the junk in my cupboard and do plan on keeping it stocked for the rare occasion where I loath choosing something to eat. You see, there are times when I'm at home and my wife and I are trying to find something for the family to eat. We always seem to find things for the girls to eat but never anything for ourselves. That's when I get frustrated and search the cabinets even harder (pushing behind the canned goods, prodding at the bag of lentils, that sort of thing) until eventually I say screw it, I'm done. It's nice to be able to grab a bottle, chug it and be done with it.

The final verdict: I'll keep it around but use it sparingly.

Oh and since the only people that are going to read this are just looking for reviews on the taste; vaguely nutty lactose free milk.