The Wired Man got optioned!


The Wired Man got optioned for a possible film.

I know, I know, options aren't guarantees but still I'm super stoked for the experience. Even if it doesn't pan out I still got to look over option contracts and now know how to read the damn things.

Details you say?

About six or so months ago the publisher that used to have the print rights to The Wired Man closed up shop (RIP KHP Books) and I had the bright idea to give the book away on reddit. I thought that it'd get a few upvotes, a few downloads, and then be promptly buried.

500+ upvotes and 1000+ downloads later...

It was a good time. I got to interact with readers, pitch my book, all with minimal negativity (yes I did say it was reddit, I'm just as surprised as you are). Shoutout to /r/scifi for allowing for self promotion Saturday's, it was a wonderful experience.

Fast forward a week. I'm back to writing software in obscurity surfing my Facebook page when I get a message from a guy named Eli saying how he found my book on reddit and he'd love to turn my novel into a movie. I wish I could say I was excited from the get go but truth be told I thought what any rational person would.

I thought he was full of shit and this was a scam.

When I did finally get back to him I played along in the off chance that he wouldn't ask for money or send me a check to cash. Things progressed further and further, me still thinking that this was all a load of shit, and him being professional and completely on point with everything he said.

Eventually he sent me a contract. I read it over expecting him to say that he needed a 5000 investment to "get it off the ground". Nope, just a basic option contract, money, real damn money included.

Being the skeptical asshole that I am I still wasn't sold. So Eli, yet again indulging my unrealistic paranoia hooked me up with a call with his agent. They both seemed nice and after looking up the agent to ensure that yup he was a real agent I started to come to the realization that this was a real thing.

So I signed the contract and now Eli is doing his part to get this thing translated to film. The whole process has been a blast and I look forward to the possible day that everything comes together and I can see this creation of my on screen.

You can check out Eli's website here. No, I'm not making this up. Yes, he's a real person.