What ever happened to Baby?

You ever wonder what happened to Baby from Dirty Dancing? I didn't either until I heard this lyric from the song Loser by Beck.

Baby's in reno with the vitamin d

That got me thinking. Maybe she fell in with the hip hop crowd after that summer with the Swayze. Listening to Run-DMC, and some Cypress Hill or something. Since she was a dancer she decided to convert to hip hop dancing. Her family then forced her to go to college but her real passion was hip hop dancing. She decided to drop out and ends up going to an audition for a music video. She doesn't get the part but she does end up meeting an aspiring hip hop artist named Vitamin D in the lobby. They hit it off but neither one gets the other's number. They spend a bunch of times improving their careers but never stop thinking about one another. Until one day they meet again for a music video shoot. It turns out that the music video is one of Vitamin D's and Baby is one of the dancers. They hit it off again and start a torrid romance. She eventually takes him back home but daddy doesn't approve. There's a big fight scene and Baby declares that "Daddy, I love him and I don't care what you think." Or something equally as cheesy. They then decide to run off to Reno to get married. After they get married they get into a car but it's the wrong car. It's Swayze and he's off his rocker. He drives them out to the middle of nowhere and holds them at gunpoint. He eventually tries to shoot Baby but Vitamin D steps in front of the bullet. He manages to wrestle the gun away because he's a badass and shoots Swayze but it's too late for him. He dies in her arms, declaring his love for her. Baby has him buried in a cemetery near the chapel where they were married. She gets an apartment that overlooks the cemetery and looks out over longingly. Baby is forever in Reno with the Vitamin D. Fade out.

That or the song is fucking nonsense.