Who am I?

Father, Software Engineer, Author, Amateur Musician, Noun, Noun, Noun... There's a lot of things that can describe me but most of all I'm really just a guy who likes art (most kinds). Words, music, paintings, code, etc... Anything that isn't pretentious fringe crap I'll enjoy it. That's why I write, play music, and code. Art is what fuels me. Art is what keeps me fulfilled as an individual. And Art is what I enjoy sharing.

What's the site about?

There is no theme. I write about what I feel like writing about at any given time. The only real rule I have is I won't try and give advice to other artists.

There's too many amateur artists out there that think they can dole out advice to other artists as if they have gained mastery. I don't know about them but I have not. I am still learning. And as such I won't go out and attempt to start espousing shit that helped me in an effort to come off as a teacher.

I am not a teacher. I just like to talk. I won't tell you how to write or play music. I won't tell you how to code. I'll just talk about things that I want to talk about and if you want to talk with me, then feel free.