Who am I?

Grew up a typical Midwestern kid from a line of butter makers. Spent my summers biking around our one bar town. I watched a lot of horror movies that my mother most definitely didn't approve of. And I played a ton of Everquest. That and writing a ton of loose leaf specials that only my mom would read.
As for my Author Hardship Olympics creds that makes all the readers go gaga, I don't have any. I didn't come from nothing. My family wasn't messed up beyond belief. I wasn't beaten every night. Sure my father was a verbally abusive alcoholic (he's great now, thanks for the concern) but half of Wisconsin can claim the same. I did lose three of the best people I've ever known to cancer, an accident, and suicide before I was 30 and I did struggle with Chronic Pelvic Pain for five years. On the flip side my grandmother paid for my college education and I've had pretty good success with my career choices (big W Writing and Software Engineering). Long story short, I've gone through the same shit that a lot of people have and have tried to make the best of it. I don't ask for pity and I sure as hell don't ask that you read my stuff because you think my personal story is heart warming. If you do then I suggest you go to a cafe and talk to just about anybody. They will tell you a similar story and you won't have to pay for it. What I do ask is that if you like my writing here then head over to Amazon and pick up my one of my books.